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As mentioned in the previous newsletter and post, it’s easy for us to state the outcomes we would like for ourselves but harder to execute on the process that helps us achieve those outcomes. In the previous example, I laid out an outcome goal of 21lbs of weight loss and 5% loss of bodyfat from now until Christmas. What process goals can I use to achieve this? Jerry Seinfeld has a great bit on systems:...


Can you believe we are more than halfway through with 2022? Where are you relative to your goals for the year? Are you more than halfway there? Honestly, I have fallen behind in the physical category, and I’ve been refocusing the past few days to finish 2022 in a blaze of glory.

Your goals are your goals, but I tend to break mine down into the following categories:

1. Health & Fitness

2. Family &...


There is no doubt time is our most precious resource. With every breath, we are one breath closer to the end. Yet we waste so much time (TV and social media come to mind). One of the ways we can “extend” our time on this earth and even more importantly our productive and happy time is to take care of our health. This is not time spent, but rather time invested. Good Investments return value back more than the initial capital outlay. Using...


This is for you, the person who is sitting on the couch, not taking care of themselves, and driving themselves further away from a state of health. An American Psychological Association “Stress in America survey conducted in late February 2021 found 42% of U.S. adults reported undesired weight gain since the start of the pandemic, with an average gain of 29 pounds.” A Harvard health article this October revealed only...

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See How Good Posture Can Improve Your HIIT Workouts

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Journey To 1,000 Classes

Beginning October 1, we are kicking off our Journey to 1,000 classes. The first step in your journey is the “First 50” classes taken. When you complete 50 classes, you get your White Belt status and awesome 50 class T-shirt! The next goal after 50 classes is 100. Then 250 classes. Then 500 classes. And finally, at 1,000 classes you achieve Union Black Belt Mystical Ninja-Corn status and are inducted into the Union Hall of Legends. Seriously. We are turning the back hallway at Park Oaks into the Baker Duncan Hall of Legends. Will you be legendary?

To help you keep track of your awesomeness, purchase a sweat book in studio for only $20 plus tax!

As a reminder, Customized Nutrition Plans are now available!

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