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Steve Falk


Steve was born in San Antonio, TX and graduated with his bachelor's in Business Administration from Trinity University in 1998 and Master's in Accounting from Trinity University in 1999. While at Trinity, he lettered in Varsity Basketball for four years.

After graduation, Steve went on to work in the audit department for the international accounting firm, Ernst & Young LLP, and is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas. During his time at E&Y, he also taught accounting at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and later taught strength and conditioning theory at Trinity University. Steve also served as the Strength & Conditioning coach for the Trinity Basketball and Women’s Soccer & Softball teams.

Steve graduated from Bikram Yoga College of India's Teacher Training in May of 2003. He was certified as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association in 2001, a sports performance coach by the USA Weightlifting in 2014 and gained his CrossFit Level-1 Certificate in 2013 and CrossFit Level-2 Certificate in 2017. He also has Certifications from TRX training. In 2015 Steve, Lisa and Nydia Darby started the Open Hand Institute, an education company focused on training yoga teachers and providing continuing education.

Steve and his wife Kelli spend most of their time trying to keep up with their son Trajan and daughter Carolyn.


Lisa Ingle-Stevens


Lisa Ingle-Stevens has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 20 years. Her passion for people and learning are evident from the moment you meet her. She believes that hard work, consistency, life-long learning and fun are the keys to continuing to grow as a person. Her goal is to help spread the practice of yoga and movement and inspire others to become their best in all aspects of their lives.

Lisa is a graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a degree in Business Administration. Lisa took her first Bikram Yoga class in 1999, and immediately following her first class knew she wanted to teach yoga and help people heal and stay healthy through this incredible life-changing practice. In the fall of 2002, Lisa completed the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Certification program in Los Angeles, California. She is the co-founder of The Union Fitness and Fun where her first yoga studio opened in the spring of 2004. Since than she has co-opened an additional two yoga studio locations with one of her closest friends Stevan Falk, to help spread and expand the healing benefits of yoga and movement to the San Antonio community. She serves as a mentoring teacher and studio owner around the globe and currently teaches Bikram Yoga, Power Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates and Fusion classes at The Union. She holds a 500-RYT through Yoga Alliance and is on faculty with Beryl Bender Birch through the Hard & Soft Institute.

Lisa holds certifications in the area of Leadership Development through the PAX Mastery Program with Alison Armstrong and is a Lightyear Leadership coach with Susanne Conrad, Lisa co-founded The U Institute in 2019, which is a Leadership and Education learning company dedicated to creating life-long learners and help provide physical and mental tools for people to live their best lives.

Lisa loves spending time with her husband Kyle, daughter Olivia and dogs Abby, Charlie & JoJo. She enjoys nothing more than being with her friends and family and making the most out of life. Besides teaching yoga Lisa loves to dance, read, travel, eat and challenge herself constantly to try and learn new things.




Latoya Adams


Latoya was born and raised in an Army family and lived in Germany until she was a teenager. Her family moved to Texas in 2001 and she made her way down to San Antonio in 2005.

After college, she became increasingly interested in health, fitness and wellbeing. She stumbled upon yoga looking for an easy way to tone up and trim down. She was hooked from the beginning. Latoya went to Bikram Yoga Teacher training in the spring of 2012, and later studied Power Yoga with the Open Hand Institute. She is also trained to teach HIIT classes and Mat Pilates. Latoya is motivated by impacting people’s lives and believes life’s toughest challenges can help you transform into your best self. When she's not teaching, her favorite things to do are working out, spending time with her framily, snuggling with her dog, and enjoying the outdoors.

Favorite Quote: “It's never too late to be who you might have been.” -George Elliot

Nickname: Jack of All Trades


Mark Banasau


Mark loves to share his smile and passions with the Union family. He loves music and plays the piano and directs the choir at Church on Sundays. He brings his love of music into the yoga room, and you can sometimes catch him “conducting” the class as he would his choir.

Mark began his yoga practice in 2003, and went to teacher training in 2006. The journey of practicing and teaching yoga has come with so many unexpected gifts – especially the friendships and community found at The Union. One of his favorite things about the yoga is that no matter how much you practice, every time you come away with a slightly different understanding and appreciation of your body, mind, and spirit.

You can bribe Mark with chocolate (the darker the better), or any homemade baked good. Really. Chocolate and baked goods.

Mark’s gentle wit and big smile always welcomes you to The Union.

Dorothy Capanas

Dorothy Capanas


Dorothy began her yoga practice in San Antonio on a Tuesday morning in February of 2008, with a special Lil Yogi. She quickly became part of The Diva’s at Hollywood Park, a group of awesome ladies who practiced everyday at 9:30am. Her yoga buddies were some of the first to know that Dorothy and husband Ferd were soon to be parents. Being able to practice this yoga during her pregnancy was truly a gift. On New Years Eve of that same year, their son Micah was born.

Over the next several years, she developed a passion for this yoga and had her sights set on becoming a teacher. She became part of The Union Crew in 2010 and completed her 1000th class a few months before attending Teacher Training in Spring 2014.

Dorothy was born in San Antonio, but spent most of her life on Oahu. After attending the University of Hawaii, she was a Flight Attendant with Continental Airlines for 12 years. She loves to travel and would love to start putting check marks next to her list of new destinations.

Favorite Quote: "Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined."


Liz Peters



Liz, also known as Peaches, is sassy, classy with a touch of badassy. She wants to live in a world where decisions are made with Magic 8 Balls, an unlimited supply of Bath & Body Works candles and mandatory mid-day naps.

As a fitness enthusiast with more than 20 years of experience, she’s been an athlete, coach, PE teacher and professional motivator. She got into athletics at a very young age and exceled in the sport of soccer.

In 2002 Liz was introduced to Bikram Yoga and after 4 years of a love/hate relationship with it, Liz decided to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. Soon after graduating from teacher training Liz stumbled across strength and metabolic conditioning workouts and fell in love. At that moment it all clicked for her, and she knew what she wanted to do. Liz wanted to spread her knowledge on how important both strength and flexibility is for the body.

When she’s not training or teaching classes, you can find her whipping up a delicious mug cake, watching Below Deck, or trying to solve true crime mysteries.

Liz is living proof that pobody’s nerfect!



Sonya Arguijo-Frederick


Sonya was born and raised in San Antonio. She graduated from nursing school in the early 90’s and earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2014. She was a dancer as a young girl and loved all things that involved physical fitness including yoga. Life took a turn in 2010 as she had a stroke and her physical body changed. Balance, rhythm, and movement was a challenge. Yoga became a key component in her recovery of mind, body, and spirit.

In 2018, Sonya became a RYT-200 and TRX qualified instructor. She has continued to study and has completed a personal training certification, RYT-300, and Certified Sound Healer Level II. She considers herself a lifetime learner and will continue to study to be the best she can be for herself and everyone that crosses her path.

During her free time, you will find Sonya keeping up with her 4 children driving them to gymnastics, soccer, basketball and all other teenage activities. She loves to read, watch cooking shows, hang out & spoil her chickens, and her all-time favorite is spending time with her husband, Erik.

Sonya’s Motto: Find YOU. 🌎 Be YOU. 🌈 Do YOU. 🔥


Jack Barnum


I initially lived in Wisconsin until work brought me to Texas in 2004 and to San Antonio in 2009. I run an insurance agency for Medicare and enjoy being physically active, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends. My two kids Robbie and Anna bring tons of excitement to our daily lives. Which is how I was introduced to yoga.

I took my first Bikram yoga class on Sept 3rd, 2017 at Alamo Heights, the class started and I thought “this is the stupidest thing I have ever done I am out of here as soon as this is over”, by the end of class I was hooked. I took the First Bikram 90, 200 hour training in the Fall of 2018.

This has taken me down a path of personal growth that I look to share with others. The Union has given me a home in a city that I just “lived in” until I got connected with The union. Helping teach students how to use their body and mind to live gain strength, flexibility and live a balanced life gives me a great passion in life and an opportunity to bring out the best in others.

Quote: We are only limited by the thing we think we can’t do


Valanna Bulner


Valanna is an instructor with a love and passion for people, health, and fitness. Blown away with the challenge and versatility offered by body resistant training, she has been passionate about TRX since her first class in 2012. Experiencing the quick results and positive changes in core strength first hand within 3-6 classes, she soon became certified in 2013 and achieved two more certifications in 2014; including the RIP Trainer. After suffering from back issues, she gained a new perspective in her teaching style. Her approach is hands on for muscle mind connection while focusing on attention to detail with form, technique and emphasis on modifications.

She has been a hot room enthusiast since her first class in Alamo Heights in 2002. She says “It was definitely love at first sweat!” When she’s not teaching or sweating with you, you’ll find her spending time with family, friends or out by a pool. She has been married to her husband Sam for over 25 years and they have two boys together.

I live by this quote “See the light in others and treat them as if that’s all you see” Dr. Wayne Dryer


Stephanie De Gouveia


Hello! I'm Stephanie, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, with Portuguese roots. From a young age, I embraced a love for dance and sports, particularly volleyball. I dived into various dance forms at 14, including Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Salsa, and Contemporary, and simultaneously explored yoga and Acro yoga.

Even while studying Dentistry, graduating in 2016, I maintained my dance and yoga practices, exploring animal flow and basic gymnastics. Relocating to San Antonio, USA in 2017, I juggled between my dental assistant course and dance and yoga. However, realizing my true calling wasn't in dentistry, I joined a dance company and a salsa school in 2019.

Discovering The Union in 2021 was a game-changer. I completed a 300-hour hot yoga teacher training from U Institute in 2022, one of the most rewarding challenges of my life. It inspired me to commence a second training in Power Yoga. Today, I am a Pre-K Teacher Assistant, continuously learning from my young students, and dedicated to integrating my passion for dance, yoga, and learning to make a positive impact on those I meet.


Caitlin Doiron


I was born in Tampa, FL and moved around as a child with my parents and older sister from my Dad being in the Air Force. We settled in the Lake Travis area of Austin when I was 8yrs old so I consider that home.

I went to college at Texas Tech University where I was a cheerleader my freshman year. I graduated from Texas Tech with a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Sciences.

After I graduated from Texas Tech, I moved to Dallas in 2011 and worked for Southwest Airlines as a customer relations representative and then a flight attendant until 2017.

I moved to San Antonio in the summer of 2016. My amazing son Justin was born in October 2016 and he is my North Star! Being a mother to Justin has been an amazing blessing and a huge learning experience. I continue to work on myself mentally and physically to be a role model for him and to show him to always shoot for the stars and go for your dreams.

I have been physically active in sports since I was a kid and is part of the reason I got my degree in Exercise and Sport Science. I discovered yoga in college and fell in love with it! I did not have a consistent yoga and fitness regimen until coming to The Union in February 2021. Yoga and strength training have helped me find a calmness in my mind and confidence in myself that I didn’t have previously.

The Union has given me so much and it sparked a passion in me to want to bring that to others as well. I decided to apply for and got to be part of the U-Institute’s Power Yoga Teacher Training in 2021 and graduated in January of 2022. While in training, I was hired to be a coach at the Union. I started off teaching TRX and have expanded to teaching Power Yoga, Kettlebell Fit, and Kettlebell Yoga. I’m excited to expand into more modalities in the future so I can help people move in a way that’s best for them.

I will always be a student learning and growing so I can further my knowledge to help others transform their bodies and minds so they find the best version of themselves!


Katy Esparza


Katy has been a massage therapist for 14 years. Helping others heal and learning the functions of the human body amaze her. She specializes in sports therapy, mio fascia, and ortho-massage. Being a person who always loves to try new things, she decided to try yoga.

In 2007 she took her first Bikram yoga class and was hooked; she knew being a yoga teacher was the next step not only to help heal others but also herself. In 2013 she embarked on the nine week journey to be a Bikram yoga certified teacher. Her passion for yoga has since blossomed, and in 2015 she went through level 1 & 2 of Baron Baptise power yoga teacher training. This training brought a different level of strength and playfulness to her practice. She went on to get a 200-hour RYT through the Open Hand Institute, where she discovered all about her true self and her next path. In 2021 she got 300-RYT through the Hard and The soft institute. She is also level 1 certified in iRest yoga nidra and meditation. Her new venture and passion has been TRX.


Natalie Evans


Natalie, a fun-loving, free-spirited individual hails from Mechanicsville, Virginia. After an initially unfavorable encounter with Bikram Yoga in 2007, a detoxifying experience on a 2009 cruise led her to rediscover and fall in love with the practice. Concurrently pursuing her B.S. in Human Resource Management from Virginia Commonwealth University, she completed a Bikram Yoga teacher training in San Diego in 2010, and taught her first class just two days after.

From 2010-2015, she devoted herself full-time to teaching and managing Bikram Yoga Richmond. This period saw her participation in multiple yoga competitions, training seminars, and volunteering at various teacher trainings. In 2015, Natalie married and relocated to Pray, Montana, where she worked as a Human Resources Specialist for Bozeman Health Hospital and welcomed her son Luke in 2018.

Post-Luke's birth, Natalie and her family moved closer to their relatives in Lytle, Texas. This allowed them to fulfill their dream of starting a small farm while maintaining access to urban amenities. Natalie's connection with Lisa Ingle-Stevens from teacher training rekindled her teaching passion as she began practicing at Lisa's studios and resumed teaching upon seeing The Union's recruitment post in 2023. Currently, she instructs the U90 and U60 classes with aspirations to broaden her teaching scope.

Alongside her yoga practice, Natalie cherishes motherhood, country living, and time with her family and their rescued pets. She's an avid lover of concerts, dancing, watersports, and laughter. Engaged in her local community, she serves as PTO Secretary for her son's school district. She's excited to be part of The Union team and contribute to students' physical and mental growth.


Antinia Franco


Antinia is a retired Army veteran. Born and raised in southern California. She comes from an athletic family, having played soccer, basketball and track & field in high school, and has continued to use and work on her physical fitness since joining the Army. She first tried metabolic conditioning back in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since! “I want to continue to learn, improve my fitness and share my knowledge and love for fitness with all athletes!”

Antinia is a CF-L1 Trainer, NASM CPT, USA Weightlifting level 1 certified and has taken the Precision Nutrition course. She hopes to continue to serve the members within the Union Community as well as athletes concentrating on their favorite sport as she continues to learn and coach!


Tanya Gaitan


I had my first Bikram yoga class September 2010. I initially started at the recommendation of my chiropractor. It helped tremendously! My practice has evolved over the years and I am now using yoga to help manage my stress and really my peace of mind. I was certified to teach Bikram yoga February 2019 and always open to learning other types of yoga practices.

Becoming a yoga teacher has definitely evolved my practice not only in the room but outside of the room. I absolutely love teaching the students at The Union. It’s great to see humans work hard everyday and dedicate time to make themselves feel better in whatever way that looks like for them. I am so grateful to work here. I’ve learned so much from this community and have applied what I have learned to my full time career.

I have an adorable cat name Frederick. If there is a documentary, I’ve probably watched it. I also love Doritos and cookies. And finally I’m always down to get my dance on.


Ben Johnson


Hey! I'm Ben. I'm a Hot Yoga Teacher. I graduated teacher training at The Union under the OHM teacher training program. I’ve been practicing hot yoga since 2011. I grew up mostly in Virginia, moved to San Antonio in 1998 and have been living the dream ever since. When I’m not teaching yoga, I work as a firefighter for the city of San Antonio, which I've done for the last 21 years.

Yoga and Functional Fitness type workouts help me stay relatively fit, strong, and healthy for firefighting and for my kids.

A "union" of strength, flexibility, balance, and clarity help in all aspects of my life. I often push myself outside my comfort zones. I believe in doing something hard most every day yet make it fun.


Marcello Martinez


Marcello is a native of San Antonio (Go Buttons) and a practicing Architect. Years of being bent over a drafting desk, and enduring the physical punishment that resulted from having a passion for soccer that exceeded his talent, forced him to wander into a yoga studio one blustery afternoon.

After six months of highly inconsistent practice, it felt like ten years fell off his body. After a year of consistent practice, the transcendent benefits of yoga were able to make their way past some strong defenses. Marcello enjoys the vagaries possible through this practice, and tries to share that there will be an aspect of yoga ready to meet anyone where they are.

Outside the studio, he’s amazed at how gracefully his two daughters are moving through the world. If there is a hobby out there, he has tried it; if not, how’s tomorrow?

“The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.” Rainer Maria Rilke


Stacey Pape


Stacey loves the balance, energy, strength and healing that this yoga and Union community has brought to her life. Within weeks after having her second back surgery in January 2005 she was in extreme pain again, but luckily found this yoga in April 2005, she knew immediately it would change her life. This yoga has been such a huge part of healing in so many areas of her life ever since, but especially in her physical pain. With a regular yoga practice Stacey feels stronger, happier and more energetic everyday.

Stacey decided that the corporate world wasn’t for her any longer and began pursuing her dreams in life. She started her photography business, Stacey Anne Photography, in May of 2009 and joined The Union family in April of 2010. Working within her two passions, and being in such a great, supportive environment makes her feel very happy and blessed. Next on her list of accomplishments… Teacher Training? Until then, you can find Stacey taking photos around the studios, keeping up with all of our social media and smiling behind the front desk at all three of our studios, greeting all of the eager students ready to take class!

Stacey is also…. addicted to her chap stick/lip-gloss (you’ll never see her without it). She LOVES coffee and dark chocolate. She is a movie junkie (and tends to quote them). Stacey always wants to learn as much as she can about health in general and her two biggest passions in life.

Share your smile with people today; someone might really need it to help brighten their day.


Tiffany Peche


Tiffany was born and raised in San Antonio and has 4 beautiful kids and 4 adorable fur babies. She loves helping people change their body, mind, and relationship with fitness.

Tiffany didn’t grow up playing sports and didn’t think of herself as athletic or fit. She was introduced to fitness after her last child was born. She found that her body wasn’t able to “bounce back” like before. On top of that, she became very depressed and ashamed of how she both looked and felt. At that point she knew she had to do something. So she decided to join a gym that offered group fitness classes and at that moment her life was forever changed.

After Tiffany’s transformation, she grew a yearning to help others. After a lot of learning, training and several certifications later, she began teaching and coaching fitness and bootcamp classes. Her speciality is in Kettlebell training which is her true passion. What began as a personal goal to look and feel better both inside and out, completely evolved into a passion and mission to support and guide others to do the same. She loves learning and growing as a student of the fit life and helping others grow as well.

Tiffany is also a permanent makeup artist and owns Zalia’s Permanent Makeup. Her focus is to build confidence in both men and women especially those who have lost their brow hair to cancer or other health conditions.

All in all, she loves helping people and she truly believes ‘there is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving’. -Acts 20:35

Laura Perez.jpg

Laura Perez


Hey, I’m Laura. I joined The Union in 2010 and became a teacher in 2013. I really enjoy all forms of yoga, pilates, HIIT, and functional fitness - as well as running. I workout to keep myself sane, happy, fit, and energetic, for myself and for my family. I’ve got 2 kids, Dante and Manu, 2 dogs, Douglas and Fancy, and my amazing husband Tony.

I am originally from Houston, but moved to San Antonio in 2002 to attend college at Trinity University and never left (except to get my Masters at the University of Denver). I am currently a practicing social worker in the hospice field, and I really enjoy it. In my free time you can find me at the studio, running, or on an outdoor patio with a craft beer. My favorite book is Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, but I’m usually reading fiction at night to wind down.


Lisa Preston


I started practicing yoga in 1995. At the time I was a travel photographer. My first interest was to find a way to exercise while on the road but little did I know the treasure yoga would give to me. I found that daily practice kept me agile for a physically demanding job but it also changed my soul. It made me feel centered and emotionally grounded. I was hooked! After years of practice, I took a Jivamukti vinyasa teacher training in 2007 and have been teaching in both a class setting as well as privately. I enjoy constantly learning about the body. I find deep satisfaction guiding people through breath based and heart-centered classes to feel more freedom in their bodies and release stress. I believe in the human capacity to evolve, to grow and to make the world a better place simply through their own revitalized presence.

On a personal note, I am a NY transplant. I have a smart, kind teenager which either means I did something right or hit the jackpot. I love spending time in nature and although I generally eat like a monk I love tacos and margaritas! Life can be hard at times but I am always hopeful that good will prevail, so one of my favorite quotes is short and sweet...

"Dum Spiro Spero."

While I breathe, I hope.


Laura Reuter


I took my very first Bikram-90 class in December 2017 at our beloved Alamo Heights studio. I had NO idea how much my life was going to change. THE UNION became my special place where beauty and strength became one, and for me, a place of healing.

At the tail-end of 2019 I was asked to join the 2020 U-60 teacher training and graduated in January 2021 with my certification.

Along with my full-time job and raising my 2 handsome boys, I am having a blast teaching the U-60 and IHP classes for all three studios, and currently working on my Power Yoga Certification. So much more to come!!


Amy Stephens


Amy believes in the physical & mental benefits of hot yoga. Her heart’s desire is to help you move your body and restore your mind in ways that make you feel better.

As a 500-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and graduate of both the U-Institute and The Hard & Soft Yoga Institute, Amy likes to work hard in the yoga room while also guiding students to find stillness, rest & connection. Since finding her first yoga class in 1998, she has never stopped practicing! She found The Union in 2011 and was instantly hooked to the hot room & this community! Her hope is the same for you.

You can find Amy on weekdays teaching P.E., Cooking & Gardening in PreK. She loves her little students and their insatiable curiosities. She is also an avid volunteer in her Church and in Yoga Give-back.

Amy adores her husband, Aaron. Together for 25+ years, they are so proud that their two sons have grown to be good humans with servant hearts. To date, Amy has travelled to 25 countries, including a few years living in Amsterdam. In addition to yoga, she would love to chat with you about travel!

Favorite quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou


Tione Torrens


Tione Torrens, became a student at The Union in 2013. Originally from just north of Philadelphia, Tione settled in San Antonio in 2011 with her husband and daughter after living in Tucson, AZ for a few years.

Of the many modalities you can find at The Union, Tione found a passion for the kettlebell by learning that building strength isn't just about lifting heavy but harnessing power through precision. This led Tione to become a certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor.

Tione is deeply connected to the community as a board member of Street2Feet, a local grassroots organization. Here, Tione contributes to a program that views movement as medicine, helping those experiencing homelessness and in recovery to get back on their feet through the healing power of physical activity.

Tione believes that someone’s fitness journey is about trying new things, pushing your boundaries and making meaningful connections.


Lacy Torres


Lacey grew up in a tiny Texas town. From a young age she was always involved in sports such as dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading. It only seemed natural to try yoga.

Lacey fell in love with Bikram Yoga one evening in December of 2009 at Hollywood Park. She always loved stretching and got hooked with the intensity and heat. With a regular yoga practice, Lacey feels that she is a better person mentally, physically & emotionally. Lacey is always striving to be a better version of herself and yoga helps her accomplish that. She attended & graduated from Bikram Yoga’s Spring 2014 teacher training in Los Angeles.

Lacey loves spending time with her husband, Seamus and going on fun adventures with her two children.

When not in the hot room, you can find her reading books, trying out new recipes, traveling, and driving her two kids around to all of their activities.