Rosie Helling

Member since November 2006

1. What motivated you to start your fitness journey at the Union?

We moved to San Antonio almost 17 years ago from Iowa. My sister was a member of the Union and that is how I got started.

2. How did you feel physically and mentally before you joined the Union?

I thought I was fine, but after a few classes could see how I could improve myself both physically and mentally.

3. Can you describe the changes you have experienced in your overall well-being since joining the Union?

I am toned up and more flexible from doing classes at the Union.

4. What were some obstacles or challenges you faced along the way, and how did you overcome them?

The yoga was such a change from what I had been doing most of my life. I walked, biked, ran etc. but had never done yoga. Came from a small town and yoga was not an option.

5. In what ways has the Union helped you achieve your fitness goals?

My main goals are to be able to function and have my body move, squat, have good balance, etc. The Union is exceeding my expectations!

6. What specific transformations have you noticed in your body, health, or performance since becoming a member?

Well, I am 76 years old and I can still do standing head to knee. Some days better than other days.

7. Is there a particular accomplishment or milestone that you are most proud of in your fitness journey?

When I first started yoga, it was such a challenge, but I continued on and about every 14 months I made a major accomplishment. I was 60 when I started.

8. How has being a part of the Union positively impacted your life outside of fitness?

When we moved here, our granddaughters were 4 and 6, so I could run and chase them. Now they are grown and we still can have a good time. Being mentally and physically alert fights off aging.

9. What aspects of the Union's fitness programs and facilities do you find most beneficial and enjoyable?

I have tried almost all the classes the Union offered during the years. Crossfit was the most challenging, but I also did yoga to help my muscles and flexibility.

10. If you were to recommend the Union Fitness and Fun to someone else, what would you say are the main reasons for joining?

Main reason to join the Union is staying healthy, flexibility, and just having a good time with everyone. Teachers are great and so helpful. You go into a class do the best you can and feel so much better.