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Why Your Posture Matters

See How Good Posture Can Improve Your HIIT Workouts

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Most people are aware that posture matters, but what most people don’t know is why. Whether you’re sitting at your desk working all day or in the gym doing a HIIT workout, your posture is an important factor and can even set you up for success or failure in the future. Continue reading below to learn more about why your posture matters, and connect with The Union in San Antonio to work with one of our trainers and improve your posture and progress during your HIIT workouts!

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Improves Muscle and Joint Function

The bones in your body are aligned in a certain way for a reason, so it should come as no surprise that when you practice better posture, it can help improve muscle and joint function. When you don’t focus on your posture or you develop bad habits, it can make your muscles and joints work harder than they were meant to. However, with the right posture, your body is all aligned, making it easier for it to function much easier.

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Decreases Stress on Spinal Ligaments

Similarly to improving muscle and joint function, when you practice good posture, it can also decrease the stress on your spinal ligaments. If you sit or hold your body incorrectly, it can put pressure on the spine, and over time, it can end up changing the configuration of your spine and put stress on your spinal ligaments. However, by practicing good posture, you can release some of that pressure, and you may even find that it improves lower back pain, headaches, and more!

You’re told multiple times throughout your life that you need to improve your posture, but has anyone ever told you why? Learn why posture is so important for your body’s health and get started at today!

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Prevents Permanent Spinal Abnormalities

As we mentioned earlier, when you stand or sit incorrectly, it can change the shape of your spine over time. It should come as no surprise that changing the shape of your spine can lead to some complications, which is why it’s of the utmost importance to practice good posture. When you practice good posture, it can help you correct your bad habits and even prevent permanent spinal abnormalities.

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Reduces Wear and Tear on Joints

It’s normal to have wear and tear on your joints as you age, but if you’re not using proper posture, it can cause your body to wear down your joints unevenly. When you wear your joints down evenly, it’s unlikely that you will experience many problems. However, with uneven wear and tear, it’s more likely to experience problems or pain as you age.

If you’re interested in working on your posture, there’s no better place to start than at the gym. Visit The Union in San Antonio to speak to one of our trainers about your posture, and start improving your HIIT workouts and more! We look forward to seeing you!

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