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Slow & Steady wins the Race…

Good Evening Unicorns,

We are excited to announce that The Union will be re-opening SLOW and STEADY starting next Friday, May 22. The opening will take place in phases, beginning with Park Oaks and then ramping up the other locations. As you probably know, we are limited to 25% of our occupancy (as defined by the City) at this time. As Park Oaks is the largest studio, we are choosing to open it first to serve the most students. We will begin with a smaller number of classes per day to ensure we can sanitize and serve you appropriately. As we confirm the viability of our new operation and sanitation procedures, we will roll-out more classes and the other locations. This will continue to occur in phases and not all at once. Please know that the safety and welfare of our students and employees is priority number one.

EARLY NEXT WEEK, we will be communicating in great detail, the new procedures for signing up, showing up and taking classes at the Union. You will need to reserve your spot in class ahead of time and you will need an active account to do so. If you had a current package when we closed, we will update your account for you. If you have not downloaded our app, please do (see the website footer below for links). No doubt there will be technical difficulties at first, but know that we are here to work through those with you.

We also know that many of you are not quite ready to return just yet, and we absolutely understand! We will continue streaming and recording classes for you to take away from the studio. We have upgraded our hardware and our skill sets, so expect the quality of these classes to continue improving.

The Union experience will constantly evolve as we learn, so please be open minded and patient throughout this process. What will not be different is our passion for making the Union an amazing, uplifting, and inspiring environment to maximize your physical, mental, and emotional health!