Journey To 1,000 Classes

Beginning October 1, we are kicking off our Journey to 1,000 classes. The first step in your journey is the “First 50” classes taken. When you complete 50 classes, you get your White Belt status and awesome 50 class T-shirt! The next goal after 50 classes is 100. Then 250 classes. Then 500 classes. And finally, at 1,000 classes you achieve Union Black Belt Mystical Ninja-Corn status and are inducted into the Union Hall of Legends. Seriously. We are turning the back hallway at Park Oaks into the Baker Duncan Hall of Legends. Will you be legendary?

To help you keep track of your awesomeness, purchase a sweat book in studio for only $20 plus tax!

As a reminder, Customized Nutrition Plans are now available!

Email steve@theunionsa.com for more information.