aMAYzing Challenge

May 1, 2024 - May 31, 2024

Why an aMAYzing Challenge?

- Fun First: We're all about keeping the vibe lively and joyous, especially after the buzz of our U-Squad Challenge.

- Community Spirit: Dive into our Assisted Classes as a bonus task and connect with fellow members in new ways.

- Explore New Horizons: Take this chance to try out different classes you’ve never experienced before.

- Accountability: Been enjoying the Fiesta a bit too much? No worries, this challenge is your perfect reset button!

Challenge Details:

- Join the Journey: Starting Wednesday, May 1st - Complete 20 classes and tackle 5 Bonus Tasks.

- Earn Points: Gain one point for each class and double points for each bonus task. Goal is to earn a total of 30 points!

Get ready to elevate your energy, try something new, and enjoy every step of this aMAYzing journey with our community. Let’s make this May one to remember!

Pick up your challenge card at the front desk.