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Pressing Pause, Studio Update

Pressing PauseAs mandated by the City of San Antonio, our studios are temporarily on sabbatical until April 18, 2020. But just because we will not be having in person classes in the short term does not mean you have to miss out on your yoga, Pilates or...

Studio Update Mar 14, 2020

STUDIO UPDATE Our team is committed to help you stay healthy both mentally and physically by continuing to provide a place where you can exercise and take care of yourself. Right now we all need to be drinking plenty of water, soaking up some fresh air, eating well...

Cinco De Bamo

Cinco De Bamo is an intermediate, 3-person team competition consisting of 2 males and 1 female. The three workouts are designed to be accessible to all fitness levels and will challenge athlete strength, endurance and aerobic capacity. Cost per team is $150.00 and...

Union Strength Class Programming Mid-Feb 2020

The goal of the U-Strength Class is to build strength, i.e. the ability to produce force against an external object, in an efficient and effective 1-hour class. Side effects include improved bone density, increased lean muscle mass, reduction in body fat percentage...

Gymnastics at Huebner Gym

CrossFit GymnasticsThe Union CrossFit Gymnastics (CFG) course provides a baseline of knowledge, strength and coordination for body weight movements. In CrossFit, the gymnastics domain precedes weightlifting and sport - meaning athletes should be proficient or...

U-75 Lab Class

February CrossFit Programming

and we're back…… As a quick refresher, this January we were working on strict gymnastics, unilateral strength and the posterior chain via Sumo deadlifts. We will continue to work on strict gymnastics and unilateral strength in February as auxiliary emphases, but now...

Strongman Takeover

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What brought U to The Union?

A few years ago my daughter invited me to go with her to a 90 min yoga class, I was having a lot of back and hip pain and problems with low energy levels. A motorcycle accident had given me several permanent injuries that were getting worse as I got older. Tiffany, my daughter thought that yoga might help. My first class was a U90 class. I loved it from the very first class.

What is your favorite class?

I feel at home when I am in Yoga. I have tried almost all of the classes and love them all but my favorite will always be the U90 with CrossFit running a close second.

What are the greatest benefits of your practice in the Yoga room and the Gym?

The benefits have not just been physical. I finally learned to meditate and clean my mind of
negative energy.

How has this changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits?

I love the acceptance and encouragement that I get from all the teachers. They always make me feel that as long as I continue learning and trying that I am being my best. The teachers have went out of their way to help me.

What is your favorite part of the classes?

The teachers have gone out of their way to help me. I learn something new from every teacher no matter what the class. Their enjoyment, knowledge and acceptance is contagious. I would tell anyone that Yoga is more than exercise, it is a life style of love and acceptance of not only others but yourself.



What brought you to the U?

I started doing Bikram Yoga back in Minnesota, and when I moved to SA I was looking for a place to keep practicing and I found more than a typical yoga studio… I found much more than that. I found The Union, a place full of love, support and friendship!

One of my favorite quotes..

“Yes, you can”- Unknown

My favorite part about working at The U is…

Being a part of The U community and working at the Front Desk, It bring me joy getting to know so many amazing people. It makes me happy to I can help them on their journey to accomplish their goals!

What inspires you?

People that are determined and committed to their dreams and goals, they inspire

What brings you joy…

Being alive and surrounded by people with positive energy!

To empower positive transformation through a life-long physical and mental practice.

Make the world a better place starting with U!