Cinco De Bamo 2020

Cinco De Bamo is an intermediate, 3-person team competition consisting of 2 males and 1 female. The three workouts are designed to be accessible to all fitness levels and will challenge athlete strength, endurance and aerobic capacity. Cost per team is $150.00 and includes the price of a t-shirt for each member. Team captains, please include your team’s t-shirt sizes (all t-shirts are unisex) and all teammate email addresses. Please find a link to the sign-up sheet below along with descriptions and standards for all workouts.

Team members email addresses and t-shirt sizes can be emailed to Garrett at


AHAP 8 Min
for the entire team to establish a complex of:
3 Hang Cleans
2 Front Squats
1 Shoulder to Overhead

Starting with an empty bar teams will have a 8 Min window to complete an unbroken complex of: three hang cleans, any which way being power or squat. Two front squats (which will not include the last clean), and one shoulder to overhead from the front rack. All without dropping the bar; if at any point during the complex should the bar make contact with the ground the complex will be a no rep and will receive no score. Teams may choose any order and may have multiple attempts within the 8 minutes for a team total score.

Event No. 2

Weighted Box Step-overs (53#/35#)

Partner Pull-up Bar Hangs During this WOD, one team member is performing box step-overs (with kettle bells in each hand “suitcase style”) while the remaining two athletes hang from the pull-up rig. Box step-overs can only be performed when both teammates are hanging from the rig. If one or both teammates drop from the rig, box step-overs must halt until two athletes hanging from the rig. The athlete performing the box step-over does not have to reach full extension of the hips on top of the box. The athletes hanging from the rig may utilize any grip. Gymnast wraps, gloves and taping of the pull-up rig are prohibited. Teammates can switch out


9 Rounds for time
9 calorie row
9 burpees over the rower
9 dual dumbbell thrusters (40/25)
16 min cap

One athlete works at a time while the other two wait in the athlete waiting area. Each Athlete must complete 1 full round before tagging in the next athlete. Each athlete must complete 3 total rounds, Teams may decide to partition rounds in any order.
Athletes are responsible for resetting monitors and must reset the monitor prior to the start of the next round.