CrossFit Gymnastics

The Union CrossFit Gymnastics (CFG) course provides a baseline of knowledge, strength and coordination for body weight movements. In CrossFit, the gymnastics domain precedes weightlifting and sport – meaning athletes should be proficient or continuously improve body weight movements before adding more load on barbells or more intensity in WODs.

The Why

  1. Education – The CFG course is designed to teach athletes how to safely scale/progress body weight movements so that they can do it on their own as customized warm-ups or accessories in addition to their routine CF/Bootcamp/Strength classes.
  2. Confidence – CFG is specifically crafted to create challenging but attainable movements -which in turn creates confidence in athletes that they CAN support their own body weight on the rig or upside down, or they CAN jump up on a 20″ box, or that they are THIS close to getting their first pull-up.
  3. Strength Building – The CFG course sneakily builds in a strength aspect during the movements. Although there are no real “WODs” in CFG, the time under tension (either on the rig, or inverted, or on rings) accumulates to build strength in each athlete.

In summary

The Union CFG course is a fun and relaxed class that is accessible to athletes of all ability levels. It educates individuals on how to safely and effectively improve body weight movement and coordination

All CrossFit Gymnastics classes on the regular schedule are included in your package.