Working from the “yinside” out, we will explore the main postures of yin yoga, the benefits of this style of practice, and basic anatomy necessary to understand how different bodies create different shapes. You’ll be introduced to Paul Grilley’s “Functional Approach to Yoga” and how it works with the teachings of yin.
This training is open to both current and aspiring yoga teachers, as well as enthusiastic students who wish to spend the weekend immersed in all things Yin. You’ll leave this weekend with the foundation and ability to guide yourself and your students safely and effectively into a wide variety of yin poses.
This course also qualifies for 20 hours of CE credit with Yoga Alliance for registered yoga teachers.
We’ll be focusing on:
  • The history and philosophy of yin yoga
  • The main poses of yin yoga
  • Newer yin poses that target the upper body
  • The Functional Approach to Yoga
  • Skeletal variation and how it affects the shape of the pose
  • Anatomy review to support the Functional Approach
  • Understanding connective tissue and fascia
  • Stressing tissues through Compression and Tension
  • Target areas of the poses
  • Modifications and prop use
  • Introduction to Chinese Meridian theory as it relates to yin
  • Introduction to mindfulness meditation practice
  • How to build a class (sequencing, timing, music, props, intention)

You’ll also get practice time teaching each other what you’ve just learned! Putting this knowledge into action.

Required: Bernie Clark’s book – The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga 2nd Edition for reference.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

$375 early bird (SAVE $25!)
$400 after Jan 24

Friday night 4 hours, Sat and Sunday 8 hours each *specific times to come.


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